Friday, August 7, 2009

ScrapAWhile CC tonight

Scrapping on a Shoestring

7 Challenges

Games, chat, auctions and more!!

Friday (Tonight)
During the day - instructions for Blind Scrapping begin and continue throughout the weekend so be sure to stay tuned!
7:30 pm - Chat time
7:45 pm -Kellies Challenge
8:15 pm - Kylie's Challenge
8:30 pm - Guest Designer - Challenge
9.00 pm - Silent Auction commences

Amanda's challenge
2pm - Alita's Challenge
7:00 pm - What am I? identify the scrapping product/tool game
7:30 pm - Bingo
8:00 pm - Kylie's surprise challenge
Auction and more scrapping and chatting.....

Chat and scrap
10.00 am Game Time - with Alita
11.00 am Auction
7.00pm - Chat time - in chat box
8.00 pm Auction
8.30 pm - Silent Auction Announced

we would love you all to drop in Photobucket

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