Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ScrapAWhile cc

the CC at ScrapAWhile on the weekend was fantastic, we are now all busy trying to complete all of the challenges that have been set.

Amanda’s Challenge
Go forth and scrap! Here’s what you need to include in your layout:
* female subject with whom you have a special relationship (non human subject OK)
* minimum of 3 photos of that same person/pet
* name of the person/pet as title* journalling about the subject’s special qualities
* feminine colour scheme (got to be mainly pink)
* at least 4 different types of embellishments

Tanja’s Challenge is:
Your challenge is …What do I see… A layout using single words to discribe the person you are.Please include stamping. Now if you don’t have a stamp you can always use something else…here I have used the lid of my water colour painter….

Kylie's challenge
So my challenge is to complete a LO-doesn’t matter what size canvas you have chosen, and make a gift to someone you cherish, admire for friendship or love with that canvas.

Alita’s Challenge -
You’ll need an old photograph - preferably over 20 years old which has female/s in it that have been inspirational to you in some way, so grandma, aunt, family friend - even think of famous people.
Find and use a Quote
Lots of embellishments - ribbons, lace etc
And - wait for it - no Patterned paper!!! Yes OMG none at all!!

Susan Longman's challenge (Our guest designer)
For my challenge I would like you to think about your OLDEST (in year you have known them) female friend/s and how she has influenced your life.
Criteria for the layout:Minimum of 30 word journaling about her influence on your life…
Use an equal number of OLDEST items of stash on your layout to friends you are journaling about +1…So if you have one best friend then you are required to use 2 Old items of old stash…if you have 2 besties then you are required to use 3 items of old stash…
Use the sketch provided as a guide for your layout design… (log onto http://www.scrapawhile.com.au/blog/ to see the sketch, sorry, having trouble getting it on here).

and finally
my challenge
Blind Challenge
What you will need
1 6 x 4 portrait photo
12×12 base for layout (card or PP)
A- 7 x 9 inches
B- 2 x 6 3/4 inches
C- 1 1/2 x 10 inches
D- Ribbon 12 inches long
3 x 1 1/2 inches of ribbonEmbellishments
and here are the instructions
Place A approx 1 3/4 inches from the left and 1 3/8 of an inch from the top of the base of your LO.
Place B down the page 1 inch from the left side of A and 1 1/4 inches from the bottom of A.
PlaceC down the page 4 inches from the right side of the base of your LO and1 1/4 inches from the bottom of the base of the LO.
Place the photo 1 3/8 inches from the left side of A and 1 5/8 inches from the bottom of A.
Place the 12 inch piece of ribbon accross the page 2 1/8 from the bottom of the LO.
Stick the 3 small pieces of ribbon on the top left side of A.
Add a title to the bottom right corner

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